Clearing Skies Update #2

Hey you guys! If not wishing, I’m only hoping the time we spent away not discussing how we’ve been, hasn’t been as overwhelming and shady as it has been for me. In simple words, I hope you’re in good health and a good place. This time away has helped me though, quite a lot. Helped […]

Clearing Skies #1

I’ve been traveling by the local trains for almost a year and a half now. It’s really scary to travel in them at first, it’s an adventure in itself though, once you overcome the initial fear and and uncertainty. The wind gushing in your face, or sometimes the overcrowded compartments are sure an experience one […]

The Look

I’m usually very alluring you know. I love how some eye me with envy, Gawk at my perfect curves, that sly smile that plays on my plump red lips, my kajoled eyes. How they feast their eyes as they travel all over my body making me aware of the power that I hold. The charade […]

Dear Men.

Dear Men, I start this letter because the faint voice inside me can’t take the injustice against you anymore. I can’t simply watch as the world criticizes your morals and beliefs. I’m here to apologize if I can, for every time we; women judged you blindly. For every time the whole lot of you were […]

Dear 2016.

Dear 2016, I’m not over you yet. It’s basically the last day of the year and I’m somehow glad I made through. Don’t worry I’m not writing this to tell how bad you’ve been. I guess you’ve heard of that since the start of December. So here’s something to lighten you up a bit. So […]

Love is Love.

LGBT+ The minute people hear the word, we get mainly two reactions; one where the person is filled with a sense of awareness and respect towards it, while the other a rather unwelcoming flinch. Why do we still treat them as outcasts or someone different to us? We are living in the sixteenth year of […]

Let’s Play Pretend.

Just last week, I took a stroll around the local park when I heard some toddlers deciding on what to play.All of a sudden, one of them suggested, “Let’s Play Pretend!” There was a chorus of agreements before they started playing.I felt myself smiling at the little scene before me as a wave of nostalgia […]